The Foreclosure Process in Minnesota

foreclosure sign

The foreclosure process can be confusing. Many individuals are left not knowing exactly how the process works. Here is a month by month estimate of what happens to give you a better understanding of what happens. Remember that each situation is unique. Month 1 Day 1 – Mortgage payment is late Day 15 – Late fee charged […]

The Social Stigma Of Foreclosure Is Gone, Just Walk Away?

Interesting debate on just walking away… not a fan by the way Will post a video reply in a few days.

Holy Crap 92,500 Homeowners Facing Foreclosure In Minnesota

If foreclosures where a city in Minnesota, it would be in the top 5 for largest. From Kara McGuire at Star Trib: Loans in the process of foreclosure rose in the state and the nation from July through September of this year. Minnesota ranks 39th in the number of delinquencies but 15th in foreclosures started. […]

Looks Like Much Of The Same For 2010

I had gotten asked a question the other day from some real estate investors about where I thought foreclosures where heading and oddly enough these articles came across my feed reader today echoing my thoughts. As the tax credit hype comes to an end, it had a good solid month of promotion from the mainstreet […]

Postpone Foreclosure In Minnesota

If you have a few minutes, watch this vid of postponing foreclosure in Minnesota if you are need of some help. [h/t HOCMN]

Forget About Short Sales, Go REO

If you’re buying… Bad news for short sale sellers in the Twin Cities, sales lag bank owned homes by three times. Buyers no longer have half a year to wait for the bank to figure out what the hell they want do with the asset. That tax credit ending has also many buyers not wanting […]

Original Homeowners As Thieves: Foreclosure Stripping

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy If ya didn’t pay the the full note, then ya don’t own it.

and here come the commercial real estate defaults

Commence the Twin Cities commercial real estate meltdown, but let’s hope not. No secret that this area is the next to and by the sounds of it… it’s just getting started. Distressed property experts in commercial real estate are popping up just like all the REO agents in Minneapolis/St. Paul sprung up in the past […]

First Half 2009: Sheriff’s Sale Data On Foreclosures

Below is a report put together by the Minnesota Home Ownership Center using sheriff’s sale data in the first half of 2009. MNHOC Foreclosures in Minnesota 1st Half 2009 The big takeaway, during the first half of the year there were 11,089 foreclosures compared to 13,591 in 2008 during the same period. With those numbers, […]

Jeffers Pond Waterfront: A Development Half Finished

A neighborhood that has come to a grinding halt, not much going on around Jeffers Waterfront in Prior Lake. With roads not finished and rolling hills running over 300 acres, it was hard to find any signs of life of construction. Located in Prior Lake, off Dakota Avenue and County Road 42 (Click Here For […]